Health, Environment and Safety ( HES)

In our Company, working with HES is equal important as other operations. The employees shall be considered as the most important assets. By evaluating HES equal as production and economy, we believe we will achieve good quality in all aspects.

The overall objective for HES work in our Company is the following:

  • No Casualty
  • No fires
  • No work related absence from work
  • No pollution of the external environment
  • Reduce absense from work. In 2013 the absence was 3,7 %




The objective of our policy is to keep the usage of resources and waste as low as possible. This includes aiming to sort into fractions and recycle as much as possible.

Local production

Transport of materials and products is one of the big challenges for the global environment. Local Production of goods and services provides the best securety of supply and environmental safety. Møre Trafo manufacture transformers from raw materials to finished products. This secures the logistics and gives us the full control of our quality and the environmental impact.


We repair and rebuild used transformers of all formats.  All repaired or rebuilt transformers are returned with new transformeroil.

All replaced components and used transformer oil is handled in an environmentally friendly manner.

We are also able to receive transformers for scrapping when transformers are sent in for repair.



Transformer oil

Møre Trafo has its own contingency stocks and treatment facility for transformer oil. This ensures that we have new clean oil at all times. All repaired or rebuilt transformers are refilled with new transformer oil.

Møre Trafo have used  nafthenic mineraloils Nynäs Nytro 10X and Nynäs Nytro 10XN for many years, inhibited transformer oils with extremely good electrical properties and very good oxidation stability. This product fully conforms to IEC 60296.

Standard oil from 2018 is Shell Diala S4 ZX-1 , a Gas to Liquid base Oil , with higher flashpoint, lower relative density and very low sulfur content.

Used transformeroil is sent to approved recycling Company or analyzed by external Laboratory and used for heating

A responsibility towards the environment can be demonstrated by choosing materials that are non-toxic, degradable and recyclable in the simplest possible way. A an alternative to mineral oil, Møre Trafo can offer FR ( Fire Resistant ) Oils . Møre Trafo has nearly 20 years of experience with the natural ester  FR3 which  is recyclable and is 99% degradable in the natural environment. This type of oil is a good alternative in terms of cost when requirements are imposed as regards the environment, fire, lifetime and good electrical properties.


We believe that it is right to choose oil transformers in preference to dry insulated transformers as part of an integrated plan for safety, involving risk assessment and a focus on health, climate and energy-saving.

This is because oil transformers are more reliable and have the lowest losses, prices and noise levels.

Oil transformers are clearly the most energy-efficient and have the highest level of material recycling after the end of their lifecycle.


We are affiliated to RENAS, which is the country’s leading returns company for electrical and electronic products. This guarantees the environmentally safe return of all electronic products. As a result, all components and raw materials in a substation or transformer are sorted and recycled. The materials contained in an oil transformer can be recycled to give a positive value after 30 years’ use.